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Gamechanger, official video. Latest single from the Stuckfish.

Acclaimed New Album

In The Watcher, the grand fantasy of a true magical family line, hunted to near extinction by the dark forces of chaos continues...


"Fantastic melodic prog rock" Dave Ling, Classic Rock Magazine

''The plaudits are coming in thick and fast for Stuckfish" Prog Mag.

"...Breathtaking...stunning stunning stunning!!!" Brian Mear, Mearfest

"I love this!" Indie Sound Music

"Music to fit any Fantasy world" Scififantasy Network

"Two thumbs up!" 0DAYROXX

"...decidedly different with progressive tracks"

"Stuckfish have set out not just to make an album, but to do something interesting in a genre in much need of new ideas, and they’ve done a great job. DOWNLOAD, take a look at them." Damian Robinson, NEVolume

"...the best album I've heard in 2018." Alan Cawthrone, Al's Music Room