Stuckfish began in 2017 with the collaboration of two musician friends; singer-songwriter, Philip Stuckey and guitarist/composer/producer, Adrian Fisher.

Joined in 2020 by experienced and talented musicians, Gary Holland (keyboards), Phil Morey (Bass) and Adam Sayers (drums), Stuckfish has created melodic rock songs with a progressive twist. 


The songs are a combination of storytelling lyrics and fascinating, multi-layered musical journeys of the unexpected, with soaring guitars and dramatic vocal harmonies.


The band has produced two highly acclaimed albums, Calling and The Watcher, with a third album expected by the end of 2021.

‘’These are the songs we’ve dreamed of writing and recording, definitely our best work so far.’’ Phil Stuckey .

‘’The final song on the album Calling ‘Something to believe in’ still sends a tingle down my spine.’’ Ade Fisher.