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Stuckfish is the 2017 collaboration of two musician friends; singer-songwriter, Philip Stuckey, (Judas Rising, VOTV, Black Sedan, Overkill)  and guitarist/composer/producer, Adrian Fisher, (Heavy Load, VOTV, Tony Liddle, Thrust, Overkill).

Together they have created an album of 10 melodic rock songs with a progressive twist. Calling is a combination of storytelling lyrics and fascinating, multi-layered musical journeys of the unexpected, with soaring guitars and dramatic vocal harmonies.

Joined by experienced and talented musicians, Alan Gibson (keyboards), Danny Stephenson (Bass) and Micky Kerrigan (drums), Stuckfish now have a second album in work and live shows planned for Autumn 2018 to showcase the highly acclaimed debut album 'Calling.'

‘’These are the songs we’ve dreamed of writing and recording, definitely our best work so far.’’ Phil Stuckey .

‘’The final song on the album ‘Something to believe in’ still sends a tingle down my spine.’’ Ade Fisher.